Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Qwynci's NEW castle

B is building a shed to put all the dang toys in that are starting to take over the garage - Q thinks he is building her a new castle - it's pretty funny!!! If you ask her what Daddy's doing she will tell you that he is working on her new castle - I guess when the only thing you've ever seen your Dad make is a castle bed - you'd just assume that's what he is making anytime he is working on a project. LOVE HER!!
So B was having me help him and told me to just use the nail gun and nail the boards together - so I was doing exactly what I was told and then I went inside to check on the kids - he came in and asked me to help him move something and had me grab the piece I had just nailed...but it wouldn't budge - I surely had nailed it to the floor!!! AHAHAHA Pry i'm not the best helper! =) He found it pretty entertaining!

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