Monday, March 22, 2010

Pancake/Sausage on a stick...

We got these pancake covered sausage things for Q. She has never really eaten them very well - she kinda picks at them but usually it's just a waste...this morning was a different story - instead of cutting it up for her i just left it on the stick and she DEVOURED it!! It was great to watch - I was totally laughing!! She is too funny!!

Qwynci & Brynli

Last weekend Q & I went to Mesa and Q had SUCH a good time playing with Brynli! The second we walked in the door the two girls started playing and pretty much played the whole time we were there! It was so cute!!

When I put Q in the tub Brynli wanted to join in too - good times!


Q wants to be outside ALL THE TIME - she would stay outside all day if I let her...and I would let her if she would stay out of the road - but she has this fascination with being in the front yard rather then the back...and she really likes to walk right into the road. Hoorah to getting the gates put on the fence so she has to stay in the back yard...thanks Matt!! She LOVES the dirt!!

She kept slipping in the water and got soaking wet!!

St. Patrick's Day

So there were some WAY cute St. Patrick's Day outfits in Mesa last time we were there and I almost bought one but I thought - nah, we will be back before then. Well we never went down there and I was SO mad! Not that it's MAJOR or anything but I LOVE to dress Q up right? So we had bought her some summer clothes and one of them just happened to be nice and green - well it was totally too big but oh well - it was green and it worked and it looked pretty dang cute!! And i made a totally fun bow to match - so HOORAH!!
She didn't want to stand still for any photos - we had gone to sonic and both of us got our usual waters and then we headed out to see Daddy at work. She LOVES her sonic cup and LOVES to be outside - so getting pictures was NOT real exciting for her!! =)

This summer when this outfit actually fits - isn't it going to be so freak'n adorable!! =)

Jessica brought over some DELICIOUS cookies so I let Q have one too =)
The red all over her is from a gogurt =)

Last summer I would have to wait for her to fall asleep and then be VERY careful as I painted her toenails so that I didn't wake her up. Now, she will just sit and let me paint them - it's SO fun!! She really wants to touch them afterward but for the most part she just sits and hangs out till they are done then goes off and plays - HOW FESTIVE ARE HER TOES =) LOVE IT!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing at the Park

The other day Chelsea called and said she was babysitting and wanted to know if I wanted to meet her at the park - OF COURSE!! So we met up with her and the two kids she was watching and Q played and played and we chatted. It was good times!! Q LOVES the dirt - there were slides and steps and all kinds of stuff she could be climbing on, but no she just wanted to play in the dirt! =)
The boys that were there kept taking her ball and kicking it and throwing it and Q would just follow them around saying ball, ball (well I guess it's more like "ba, ba") anyway - she would eventually get it back...I had to play the mom card a couple of times and set the boys straight and get the ball back =) But for the most part they all had tons of fun! =)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Q has decided to not be the best eater lately - but she still loves fruit, hoorah for that! We gave her some blackberries the other morning and she honestly was shoveling them down - it was too funny!

What a fun little face right!


B really likes Icee's so the other day he got one and Q really wanted the cup, cuz she wants EVERYTHING that has a straw in it =) When he was done drinking it he put some water in it and let her carry it around - she thought she was pretty hot stuff!!! SHE LOVED IT!! She would take the straw out and try to get a drink from the weird lids that they have...which eventually ended with all the water all over the carpet! =) GOOD TIMES!!

Q's Car

Q's little walker turns into a car and she has recently realized that it is kind of a fun thing - so B was pushing her around on it the other day and she was loving it!! We keep trying to show her that she can move it on her own - but that's not happening!! =)
Notice the fuzzy white balls on the floor??? Franney gave her this little soccer ball a long time ago and slowly she would bite it and play with it enough that it started to rip open...well there was stuffing in side of it and Q LOVES IT!! Sometimes it's ALL OVER THE HOUSE - honestly, it can pretty much be found anywhere, it's too funny! It's her fuzzy and she carries it around all the time - just rubs it and sometimes chews on it. It's so so cute!! So I was telling Brandon and he said he did the same thing when he was cute right? And then Vicki gave me the most HILARIOUS story about Brandon and his fuzzy - but if I wrote it he would KILL me - so I'll just have to save it for my journal!!
Sometimes when B would stop pushing the car Q would fall off and just laugh - it was good times!!