Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So this girl is NOT a sleeper - never has been and I'm pretty much guessing never will be =) Saturday we needed to be up and ready by 9am...the being up part is never a problem cuz Q will usually be up by 530 or 6...but the ready part pretty much never happens until the afternoon...and that's if it happens at all =) Anyway - so of course cuz we needed to be up and ready she surely did sleep in till 8am!!!! Yes - I was totally shocked - HOORAH!!! And she woke up in such a cute fun little mood!!! =) Love her!

Loves His Blue Blankey!

So most of the time Tytan will put himself to sleep - which is SO weird to me cuz Q had to be rocked and rocked and rocked forever in order to get her to sleep - but T is totally content to just chill in his bed...it's amazing!!!! Such the sweetest boy ever!!!!! So ya if I give him his passie and this blanket my Gma Green made...he surely will go right to sleep...he pulls the blankey up to his face and is good! It's totally adorable!!!!
Q sings "He loves his blue blankey in the day and night" - it surely is a Barney song that she will change the words around to fit whatever she needs it to =)
So glad I got these kids to be the mother of...I'm SO dang lucky!!

Look'n Good in a Hat!

My hat was on the counter the other day and Q took it and was totally modeling it...she looks FABULOUS in a hat!!! =)


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Brother's Clothes

Whenever I get Tytan dressed Q ALWAYS wants to put on his clothes - and usually she can squeeze into whatever she wants...the shorts are total shorty shorts...but hey she gets them on =) She surely did decide she needed to wear one of his onesies - and it fit around her but obviously the bottom snaps were SO not gonna happen. She was so happy to play in it just like that though - so cute!! I love her fun little personality, she is such a spunky, busy, totally lovable little "Crunch A Munch"

Friday, May 27, 2011

Eating Rice Cereal

So this little fella surely has wanted to eat ALL the time so I decided that 3 months was old enough to start rice cereal...especially if it would keep him a little bit full for a while! =) So we surely did give it a go...and he doesn't seem to mind it too much - I was impressed!!! And he had decided that he wouldn't take a bottle which I was like WHAT THE H!!! But after tasting the formula - HELLO I can totally see why - so he will take a bottle if it's breast milk - thank heavens for that huh?!?! =) So ya - good times with the rice cereal - and yes -he surely is sitting in a pink chair - it was Q's and, well i'm not gonna go spend the money on another one just cuz it needs to be blue - the pink one works just great!! =)
He is such a cutey and so lovable - just love him to pieces!!

So after a couple of days of trying to feed him with clothes on - I realized that it was just silly and obviously was going to get everywhere so might as well just feed him naked...is this not the cutest "chunky" pic!!! Love this little "Chubba Lub"
Q took one look at him sitting like this and informed me that "Brother has Boobs!" =)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Painted Her Fingernails...All By Herself

Whenever I paint Q's toenails she always wants to paint her fingernails - usually it doesn't happen cuz of the HUGE mess it makes, sometimes I give her a clear with sparkles and let her go town all over her hand and pretty much whatever else in the bathroom she thinks needs sparkles...but the other day I thought WHAT THE HECK - why not right?!? So I gave her a pink and let her paint them herself - and she did a FABULOUS job!! She was SO proud and SO excited to show Daddy when he got home!! =)

Reading to Brother

Q LOVES books - and the other night she decided to read her fireman book to Tytan - it was pretty fun to watch and listen to her!! All the characters have been given one of the real firefighters names from the department - it's pretty entertaining!! =

Monday, May 23, 2011

Woke Up to SNOW!

Last week we surely did wake up to SNOW - Q REALLY wanted to go get some snow in her bowl so she could put sprinkles in it and eat it and so we had to hurry cuz it was melting fast!! =

Snow and pink sprinkles....Q's favorite!! =)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cool Shades!

So Q LOVES her sunglasses and decided the other day that brother needed to wear them - LOVE IT!

Q's such a big helper!

The other night I was making dinner for the missionaries and T was kinda fussing so Q ran over to him and gave him some toys - I didn't realize what she was doing till I looked up and saw this book and rabbit on him...She is so funny and sweet and adorable and really loves Tytan - it's SO cute!!

Then she took those toys away from him and gave him her doll - Good times! =)

Three Months Old

WOW - I can't believe this yummy little guy is already THREE MONTHS old - time is sure flying by!!! He is SUCH a fun, wonderful, happy baby!!! He currently weighs 13 pounds - yes he is a chunk and SO ADORABLE!! =) I love him so much and am so grateful that Heavenly Father blessed us with such a sweet little spirit!!! He LOVES to watch Q - it's so funny - cuz she never stands still so she is all over the place and he tries to follow her so he moves his head and arches his back and does whatever he can to follow her - LOVE IT!!! He smiles ALL THE TIME - and makes the cutest noises!!! Everyone says he looks just like Brandon - I'm still not sure but hey - that's not a bad thing!! =)

Ready for Church

So 2 weeks ago - we surely were ready for church 45 minutes before time to leave and had the house picked up and in order before I left - which NEVER happens...I was so excited!! So I decided to get some picks of these two adorable kiddos together looking all FAB!!!! Church went pretty smooth that week. =) This past week B was off on Sunday so church was fun!!! I've been dreading having to go nurse him while I was at church by myself cuz obviously Q would have to go with me and I know she would just be bored out of her mind in the mother's room - so when I went to feed him I just figured she would stay with B - oh no...she surely did freak out that I was leaving and had to go with me - then after two seconds in the mother's room - she asked if she could go back with Daddy =) GOOD TIMES!!! =)