Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sealed for Time and All Eternity!

On August 24th Brandon and I went through the Temple for the first time...and on the 25th we were sealed together with Qwynci and Tytan for time and ALL ETERNITY!!!  It was SUCH a very neat experience!!!
Vicki made this awesome cake - it's the snowflake Temple - could she be any more talented...i know she is amazing right!!!!
Vicki and Autumnm took a ton of pics...so here they all are!!! 

We attempted some family pics after the sealing...and it was very hot and everyone was pretty much ready to go home...so here is what we got =)

Tytan pretty much NEVER gives up this bottle...and a lot of the time he isn't even drinking anything - he just sucking or just holding it...when they brought him into the sealing room...he surely did have his bottle with him...we figured no one was brave enough to try and make him mad by taking it away =)

Tytan kept pointing at Moroni at the top of the Temple

Q was SO excited to wear her Temple dress...she would tell everyone about it if they came to our house...she LOVED it!!!  What a little angel she is!!!
Absolute DOLL!
The water in the front fountain was a HIT - the kids loved it!

Q washing her face...too funny!

Q did so good during the sealing...was totally quiet and just listened to what was being said...Tytan on the other hand was NOT having it...he just cried and threw a little fit...which is pretty much what I expected =)

All the girls having their diet cokes...too funny!!

What a little stud he is!!