Friday, May 22, 2009


So B tested to become an engineer about 2 months ago - he got the position but they had to pass everything by the board and all that mumbo jumbo - well starting June 1st he is officially an engineer. I'm so excited and proud of him...he works hard and loves what he does - Love you mostest!! =)

High Chair

Breakfast was served while sitting in her high chair - it amazed me how tiny she looked sitting in it - but she seemed to kinda like it.
Yes, we get food EVERYWHERE when she's good times!

Waiting patiently for me to get her cereal warm and ready to go =)

Jenny Jump Up

So the other day Brandon decided Q needed to try out her Jenny Jump Up since it said 4 months on the box...she was ready right?!?! It was too cute!!
She doesn't understand the concept of it yet - but we kept bouncing it for her and she kept looking at us like WHAT THE HECK are you doing to me! I get that look from her most of the time!

She still might be just a little bit small for it...

Do you see her hand coming out where her leg does - ya - poor girl just wanted to lean over and suck on her hand!! =)

Pretty Toes

So now that she isn't wearing socks all the time she totally had to have her toenails painted...since she NEVER sits still while she's awake, I had to wait for her to fall asleep so I could get them painted =)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bare Feet

Can you tell she's thinking "REALLY Mom, must we do this picture thing EVERYDAY!!!!" =)

Well it's finally getting warm enough that I don't put socks on Q everyday - her little feet are so cute...she has long toes and will grip things with funny!! I need to paint her toenails now!!

Real Food

Thursday Qwynci was introduced to rice cereal...and she actually took it really well! She only spit it back at me once =) I'm not sure she LIKES it..but she tolerates it. Good times!

Look who found her FEET!!!

So Q has realized she can grab her feet and it's so dang cute - now she grabs them all the time and uses her feet to play with the toys that hang over her...too adorable!!

The Lake

So we took Q to the lake for the first time the Monday and Tuesday after Mother's Day...she wasn't too fond of the boat ride but she did pretty good other than that!! =)

So Sweet

So the other day we went to the fire fighter graduation to see some of the guys that Brandon's been teaching graduate. It was over in Snowflake and Q wasn't real excited to sit through it so I just walked around outside...then on the way home she was so unhappy...just fussing and didn't want to be in her carseat...I kept trying to soothe her but nothing seemed to work, finally I just put my hand back on her tummy and she just grabbed my finger, calmed down, and fell asleep with a death grip on my finger - it was so sweet!! I guess she just needed a little security!! =)

I like'em Big...I like'em Chunky

I like'em Big, I like'em Plumpy, I like'em Round...
So this song is on Madegascar 2 and after finding out that Chad put it as Kristen's ringtone when he calls just made the song oh so funny...
But it's true...the chunkier the baby...the cuter they are!! =)

Dang those shots!!

Her poor little legs...but she did so much better this time...i kept her on Tylenol most of the day and it must have done the trick cuz he legs didn't swell and she didn't freak out from pain like last time!! Poor girl...sometimes life is just rough!! =)

Almost 13 Pounds...HOORAH!

Qwynci now weighs 12 pounds 9 ounces...and is more adorable then ever!! =) Brandon was holding her as we waited for the nurse to come in and give her those dang shots...i'm pretty sure she was raising her hand to let me know she was ready to leave before the nurse could come in!!

OH's so hungry...

So the other night i was munching on some Oh's cereal as i was trying to figure out what to make for dinner...and Q kept watching the i finally just gave it to her and she LOVED it! It was too funny!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

4 Months

I can't believe she is already 4 months old - time is just flying by!!

Family Pics

Great Grand Decker

B's parents and Matt's parents came up to visit this was a lot of fun!! Q is the first great grandbaby on that side of the family...and boy did she turn on the charm for them. Just smiled and jabbered and had a blast with them!! =)

Serious Poo

So Saturday morning i woke up to Q working on filling her pants so i let her finish and then i get her up so i can bathe her and stuff - so i lay her on the living room floor while i get the tub and stuff ready - i go back and pick her up (after unzipping her pajamas) walk over and turn on the news and then go to lay her on the counter to take her diaper off. After I lay her down I realize there is poo ALL OVER my pinky...i was like WHOA I wash my hand and then notice that it's on the front of my shirt, on the counter, and on the cupboards...HOLY FREAK - how is it getting i get the clorox spray out and clean it up and i'm bathing Q and then I realize that poo is all over the counter again...WHAT THE H...i look down and realize that HELLO it's on the side of my shirt too. So finally I had to just strip down and bathe her in my bra. It was so so funny!!! Amazing how before i would have totally grossed out at something like that...and now it's just funny. Not that it wasn't gross...but in a "oh well" kinda way! =)

Friday, May 1, 2009


She is such a doll and a little sweetheart! We are SO blessed to have her in our lives!! =)

Sleeping Beauty

So Q is a really good sleeper at night but just doesn't love the nap thing during the day...well this morning she took a 2 hour go girl!!

Pink & Brown

I'm pretty sure she is bored with all the pictures I always try and take - can't you tell by the looks on her face...her eyes totally give it away!! =) She is so easy going though - just lets me conitnue to adore her! =)