Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bday Weekend...

yes - more pics from my bday's never ending right =) Playing peek-a-boo with Gpa
Look at those teeth!! =) Gotta love them!

Just being silly...
paddy cake!!
Thanks for all the pics Vicki!!

Just Hang'n Out

Hang'n out at Diamond's...helping her and Gma Decker decorate her tree...
Helping me make dessert for a Christmas party we were going to the next night...

Giving the normal funny faces =)
Always trying to play with those darn kitties =)


So Santa sure did show up in Show Low last week so we took Q to see him...not that we thought she would love him but because it would be festive...and since B was driving Santa to the Bluff in the fire truck it worked out great! All except Q sat in his lap and HATED it! She is reaching for Brandon to pick her up...poor girl...some day she will LOVE SANTA!! =)
We got a fun family pic out of the little outing anyway =)

Temple Lights!

We went down to Mesa to do some Christmas shopping and in the middle of it all we had to take a quick break to go see the Temple's my favorite!!! My mom was a trooper - cuz pretty sure she really wanted to just shop but she just came along with us instead =)
It was really fun and Q seemed to like it!!
We asked on of the missionaries to take our picture and he totally cut Q out of funny is that!!

Decorating the Tree

Q was having a ton of fun while I was decorating the tree - she would climb on the ladder and then play with the was cute she watched me put them on the tree then she would set hers on the tree and take it off...LOVE IT!! Then she wanted to play catch with it. She is such a doll!!

Flagstaff Shopping

So we went to do a little shopping in Flagstaff the other day and Q wasn't haveing the funnest time ever and she wanted down but I wasn't going to let her crawl around on the nasty I set her in this display - she liked it for a minute - it was's a men's underwear display!! =) HAHAHAHA

Snow and Diamond

So we had a major snow storm and Diamond's truck was COVERED in snow so she was trying to scrape it all off...when the CD case broke and wasn't doing the job anymore...she looked around in her truck and found a menu from Native and used it...I was laughing so hard! But it worked!! =)

Photo Shoot

Just a little photo shoot the other day...notice her shoes...they are the only way to keep her socks on =) Plus they are totally cute (thanks Vicki). They used to be all pink and pretty, now from all the crawling around they are black on the tops! =)


So Q takes bubble baths all the time but for some reason this bubble bath seemed to end up on her face and it was so dang cute!! Good times!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Light Parade

So the light parade was last night and B got to drive the ladder truck in it - so Q and I got to ride along with him! It was way fun!! Santa rode on the top of the truck and it was so cute to watch all the little kids faces when we drove by - they would get so kid even started yelling..."don't forget about me Santa" =)
The truck won first place for the parade...nice work aunty Jo!!

while we were in the truck waiting for the parade to start - Q took it upon herself to check out things in the the entire box of gloves got emptied out one by one...multiple times =)
The radios were played with and listened to...
Lots of pictures were taken =)
She is smiling at Diamond who was sitting in the back

The pics in front of the truck didn't turn out great, too much light i guess??? Anyhoo - it was way fun and WAY cold!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


So how adorable is this little outfit!??! Thanks to Kristen! It was a babyshower gift and it's just too cute!! Q will NOT leave the hat on...but for picture purposes it worked out great! =)