Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good Parent =)

Tonight while I was watching Tytan in the tub...Q comes and sits on the side of the tub and starts eating some of my apple and looks at me and says "You're a good parent" I had to laugh - not sure where she learned that word (I'm guessing nursery) but who cares where she learned it - i'll take the compliment from her any day =)
I LOVE this girl - she really knows how to try my patience, pretty much every day =) But she also knows how to really make me laugh!!! Lately she has been giving me fashion advice and it's pretty dang funny - I came out of my closet dressed and ready to go and she let me know i shouldn't wear those shoes with that outfit...I laughed and then checked the mirror to make sure they did go =) AHAHAHA She is SUCH a good big sister to the Chub...and he just LIGHTS UP when she walks by - it's totally adorable!!! I'm so grateful for them both!!!!

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