Monday, July 2, 2012

Cowgirl Qwynci!

B got called out on a fire - so the kids and I went down and spent the weekend at my was way fun!!!  I told Marshall we were coming so he was able to set aside some time so we could go ride horses...Q was WAY excited!!!  "A horse with eyes" was going to be so much fun, compared to the saw horse with a saddle on it she rode on last time =)  I really wasn't sure how Q would do - I didn't know if we would get there and she would freak out or if she would love it...well, SHE LOVED IT!!!  It was so fun to watch!!!  Marshall showed up with a cowboy hat for her - which she was SO excited about - and she tried talking to one of the horses for a while, which was pretty awesome...she would say "naaaa horsey naaaa" =)  Then Marshall let her comb the horses hair and then he saddled the horse up and put Q on...she was in heaven...

He tried shortening the stirups so her foot could be in them...but her legs were just too short =)
Just loving it!!!
Q asked Marshall if she could hold the rope...then she started swinging it around like a lasso - it was totally cute!!!  Marshall was pretty impressed =)

She didn't want to go any faster at first and kept telling Marshall that he couldn't make it run - but he went ahead and did it anyway and she just laughed and laughed - she loved it!

After watching Q go around a few times, Tytan kept yelling and wanting to get we put him on and he loved it too!!
Then we got them on together - SO CUTE!!!!
They had a BLAST!

Q found a little play horse while we were out there...she was most impressed!
Thanks Uncle Marshall - we can't wait to do it again!!!

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