Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tytan is WALKING!!!

So for the past month or so Tytan has been taking a few steps here and there and at the beginning of January he started taking more and more steps but it was just kind of a casual "whatever" kinda way - he wasn't totally going for it and when he would try and go for it - he would totally eat it! You could tell he just wanted to take off after Qwynci though...well on Thursday it's like something clicked and he decided he was going to walk!!! He just kept pulling himself up on everything and walking to the next thing he could find to balance on...Then today he started standing up on his own and walking around everywhere - SO AWESOME!!! I'm so excited for him and the fun that him and Q are going to have chasing each other around...but it's also kind of baby is walking and that's like the end of the "baby major points" know - sitting, crawling, WALKING!!! Sure there is still talking and EVERYTHING else he will still learn...that Q is still learning...but it's just a weird feeling. So excited though!! And it's WAY cute to watch him walk - his little "old man march" LOVE HIM!!! Can't believe he is growing up so fast!!!!

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