Sunday, October 7, 2012

Q and Tytan riding her bike!

Q and Tytan LOVE to ride there bikes...every time we pull into the driveway Q will ask to ride her bike and then Tytan starts saying bike over and over's pretty funny!!  Some days he will actually ride his little bike and she will ride hers...but a lot of the time this is what they end up doing...T stands on the back of her bike and she pedals as fast as she can down the driveway and hits the bump at the bottom and they laugh and she turns around, Tytan hops off and pushes her back up the driveway and they do it all over's really fun to watch!!  I was worried at first that he would fall when they hit the bump but he never had...until the ONE time I decided to get video of it - he surely did fall that time!!!!  But he still wanted to get right back on - so it must not have been too bad!!  Love when they play together!!!  They are the BEST!

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