Saturday, June 2, 2012

Love Her!!

It's so funny to talk to Q...the way her mind works is just too fun!!!  While I was cutting a watermelon the other morning she asked if we eat the green part - I told her no we don't eat the green part...she paused then asked "do boys eat the green part" =)  nope, boys don't either!! =)
So we have been trying to get Q to stop wetting the bed...which was going ok for a while but now I am washing her sheets twice a day - when we get up and after nap this morning I told her she really needed to stop pottying in her bed...and that she can't watch Dora if she potties in her bed..she pauses then said "because Dora is making me potty in the bed?"  I had to laugh...she had a good point - taking away dora really isn't going to fix anything!!! =) 

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