Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tytan busts his head open! FOUR STAPLES!

So the other day T was playing upstairs at Annie's and Q comes down the stairs and tells me that T just fell off the couch and bonked his head.  So I go up and get him and just figure it's like any other fall...and he really wasn't crying too much - pretty much stopped once I picked him up...when I got down the stairs i noticed that there was blood ALL OVER HIM!!!  He had fallen off the couch backwards and landed on a 5lb metal dumbbell!!!  The gash was a lot worse than i had thought!!!  So I take him to B at work to see if maybe he could just super glue it shut there at the station but it was too big - he was going to need B went with me and we took him to the Dr.  When we get there he says it would be better to just put staples rather than stitches...I was little nervous but B acted like that was the way to go...then the Dr. said we could either numb it...which would have taken a few shots and then staple it...or we could just get right to it.  So in my mind i'm thinking - oh we will for sure numb it...but nope...B surely did tell the doc to just go ahead and staple it.  Which at first I totally died but after we talked about would be rather ridiculous to give him 4 shots to numb it and then staple...when we can just staple and be done.  They put some local numbing stuff on it and B held him on his lap...and he really did do great - he cried...which totally made me cry...and one of the staples didn't catch so they had to take it out and re-do it...ya i was going to staple the Dr. face if that happened again!!!!  Honestly - it was horrid, staple gun and staples going into my poor babies head!!!!!!!!!  JEEZE!!!  But he did great and after they were done he told the Dr. thanks and said "my bye bye" poor little guy...he just wanted to get out of there!!!  So i'm thinking that maybe this little fall would make him be a little more cautious...NOPE - he still climbs up on everything and tries to do everything - glad he is all boy and what not but HOLY FREAK!!!!!  Staples before you are even 2 years old is not a good sign =) 
Getting them taken out was almost as bad as getting them in...he hated being held down and so he cried about that - but again after it was done, he just said "my bye bye" and was good to go!!! =)
He is a tough little guy!!!  LOVE him and am so glad he is ok and I'm so grateful for Brandon to be able to handle that kind of stuff...pretty sure when they said first thought was that the gash was on the back of his head and it would heal fine and his hair would cover need for staples....B knew better!!! =)


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