Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

So for the past few weeks Q has been telling me how excited she was for "Eggnog Day" not sure where she got that...but that is what she called Easter...guessing it's coming from us telling her we would be hiding Easter Eggs and what not...anyway - it was super cute!!!  So a few weeks ago down in Mesa she got to sit on the Easter Bunnies lap and she was LOVING it!  Tytan totally freaked out even when I tried to sit there by all of them...he just WAS NOT having it!!  So Q ate up all the attention and loved it!!  She is too cute!!!!
So we decided to dye eggs on Saturday and Q was oh so excited...I told her after her nap that we would and when she woke up she came out of her room and said - ok, can we dye Easter eggs        now? =) she has got the best little memory!!  And since I had NO desire to try and keep the whole process from being a complete mess, cuz it totally is craziness and trying to keep the colors from going everywhere and stuff just seemed like it would be so lame and un-fun...I decided they could dye the eggs outside with no clothes on and just use their hands!!!  HUGE SUCCESS - they loved it!!!  Tytan spent his time spilling the dye and trying to put eggs in colors that already had eggs...Q dipped all the eggs in a few different colors and had a blast!!!  Tytan spilled one of the colors so we made more but by the end they were all just being knocked over =) 


I didn't really think about how I would get the dye off them but I was pretty sure a bath would do it...well a bath plus some scrubbing with oil and sugar mixed and it was pretty much gone!!!  The bath water was green though - GOOD TIMES!!!  They sure did have fun!!

Easter morning Q woke up before Tytan, which was totally odd...so i had her open her Easter basket in bed with me then when Tytan woke up at 7...yes he slept in till 7 - Happy Easter to me...he got to open his basket.

T got cars and a helicopter
Q got nail polish and hair extensions

But of course after 5 seconds T was playing with the nail polish...

And Q had the helicopter =)

They both go new Easter church outfits...and I must say they looked SO FREAK'N ADORABLE!!! =)

Yup - cutest ever!

What a little stud huh??

So after church we went and had Easter dinner at the station since B was working and then we went on a fabulous Easter Egg hunt (which we had did a little hunt the day before in the park with the eggs we dyed...and when we got home Q told me "that was a fun egg nog hunt) =) 
Q was SO ready to get this hunt started...she was pretty excited...

she had a blast finding all the eggs and Aunt Jo's kids helped her so she didn't have to try too hard...she filled up 3 baskets full of eggs!! =)

Tytan was just happy to be outside  =)

Jo had some putty filled eggs that would bounce and roll all over...T really liked those


After the hunt "Grandpa Ricky Rick" (yes this is what she calls Rick...it's super cute) decided the putty eggs needed to be washed off and Q wanted to help him so he put her up on the counter and they washed the eggs together...it was pretty cute!!!

I talked to Q about the real reason we celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Jesus...she would listen...try and say resurrected...then move on to whatever she had her mind focused on before...=)

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