Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So we surely did run in the Ragnar Del Sol...and it was AWESOME!! 200 mile relay!!  Honestly...we really didn't know what to expect - we figured with the group of people we were going with that it would be fun - but fun doesn't even cut was a BLAST!!!  2 day party in a van with awesome people...with a few running spots here and there!!! =) 
Annie and I decorating our lovely van...
At the starting line...we were all excited - Annie started us off...and did awesome - 9 freak'n miles uphill...she is a ROCK!!!
We had so much fun!
We had to have a flag every time we crossed the road...obviously i was taking being the flag girl a little too far!! =)
Annie showing me some love
BIG squeeze!
B giving Jarom some much needed water - it was SO hot that weekend.

B running his first leg of the race
He did awesome!

My turn to run

Hand off - hoorah!
B and Craner =)
I was talking to Q on the phone...and totally missing her and Tytan!!!  So glad my Mom takes such good care of them!!!  Q was having a blast with Jaycie that night!!!
Night run
Rayne, Jarom and B...Rayne was our saving grace and we didn't even know it at first...he came to run with John as his pacer for the night run...and offered to run with the rest of us - at first we were like "no thanks" but he just kept offering so B finally said he could run with him...then Jarom and they sent him to run with me and BOY WAS HE A LIFESAVER!!!  Honestly we all talked about how GREAT it was to have him there to talk with and whatnot and how funny it was that none of us wanted him to run with us at first...but that we all loved him afterward!! =)  He was AWESOME!!!
B had a rough night run...7 miles out in the middle fo NO WHERE...totally dark and a boring straight road...hoorah for Rayne!!! =)
Last leg - knees were totally killing me!!!!

DONE!!!  we were done with our part - now we just had to sit back and watch the other van finish theirs!!!
Hoorah for Van 1...We totally rocked it and had a blast!!!

At the finish line they had complimentary massages...and we SO took advantage of that!!! =)

Running across the finish line all together!!!

All of us - SO AWESOME!!!  Can't wait to do it again...Vegas Ragnar - HOORAH!!!!
"More Cow Bell" was pretty much our motto the whole time!! =)
So the norm was for the van to kinda leapfrog you while you ran and give you water and support and whatnot...well for my night run - I hadn't seen our van for a while then I notice that i'm totally running passed it while everyone is inside still...and i'm not about to run over to them to get water or whatever so I just wave cuz I can see B then they leapfrog me again and get out to give me water and stuff and I had to give B a hard was SO funny!!!  Maybe you had to be there - but them missing me was pretty dang hilarious!!! 

So Mike is a freak'n rockstar at this running stuff...and B was trying to make him feel better about the HUGE hill he was having to run up by telling him "it was nothing"...but ya- it was a BEAST!

My last handoff...HOORAH!!!
B's last hand off to me!

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