Friday, October 14, 2011


It's no secret Q is kind of a freak about shoes - any kind of shoe =) Lately she has had some funny "shoe" times...
So I gave in and got the high heels i'm hiding for Christmas down to give Q a pair...she was pretty excited and was dancing around and asked where I got them from (which she always asks) and I told her Marshall's - and tried to explain that Marshall's is a store - and that she also has an Uncle Marshall and I thought she understood it...then she walked into the living room and B asked her where she got those pretty high heels...and she said "Uncle Marshall" then she paused and said "THANKS Uncle Marshall" it was too cute and too funny!!!!!

I had Q and Tytan in the tub and B got a flight so he got his gear on and came into the bathroom to tell them goodbye and he tells Q he is going to ride on the airplane and she looks at his uniform...then leans forward to see what shoes he has on. To get the full effect you would have had to see her face and the serious way she was making sure he had on the right was TOO funny!!!

The other night I was telling Q that Saturday we are going to go to the corn maze when it gets dark and that it was going to be so fun and blah blah blah - she looks at me and asks "what shoes am I going to wear"
She is just too funny - LOVE HER!!!

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