Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lake Trip

We went to the lake a couple weekends ago and it was really fun - haven't been able to do that as much as we would have like this summer =( But the weather was awesome when we went and we had a GREAT time so hoorah for that!!! Tytan kept trying to reach over the towel and get the rocks to eat...good times!!Q was in heaven playing in the mud and with all the beach toys Grammy broughtQ had NO desire to ride the jet skis but B made her go on it with him and that was the end of that - one trip and she was good =) The jet skis ran really good and it was fun having them there - was like old times! =)That sun just wears you out =)So this dodge duli (spelling??) drove up next to our camp and got stuck, so Matt took his ford over there and pulled him out and in the process he got stuck leave it to the good o'l CHEVY to pull the ford out - it was just too funny all the trucks in a row =) HOORAH FOR CHEVY TRUCKS =) AHAHAHAHAQ was LOVING the mud -she is just too cute!!!!

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