Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No More Appendix for Brandon

So last Sunday B got a flight and his stomach started hurting but he just figured he had eaten too fast...but then pain didn't go away. So he goes to work on Monday then comes home around noon and said his stomach was hurting pretty bad and that he was going to lay down for a little bit and would pry need to go see the Dr. - i was kinda like WHAT??? Ya B NEVER stays home from work cuz he's sick and he NEVER EVER goes to the Dr. so I figured something was really wrong for him to say he would pry need to see the o'l Dr. So after laying on the couch the rest of the day he decides to go to urgent care right before they close. They took a look at him for about 10 seconds and told him he needed to go to the E.R. So B calls and tells me he is headed there so I call Allison and Lilly comes to watch the kids for a bit (thank HEAVENS for great neighbors huh?!?!?!) At the E.R. they do some blood work and it all comes back fine then they do a scan and his appendix is obviously the problem...so they schedule surgery for the next morning at 6am. I went home so Lilly could go back home and called ShaDean to see if she could stay the night with the kids so I could stay with B. She was more than willing (hoorah for great babysitters) so around 545 they come to get B to prep him for surgery but then they get a call and someone from the E.R. had to be rushed into surgery so B's got pushed back...which worked out cuz that gave us time to call our home teacher and Craner to give B a blessing (funny how things work out huh??) SO grateful for the priesthood!!! So Oz comes up (so grateful for an amazing sister and family) to take on the kiddos so ShaDean could go home and I could stay with B - who knew juggling kids could be such craziness =) So we were waiting in the pre-op room and B says he overheard someone say that Chance was working that day...but the nurse the night before said Chance wasn't going to be working the next day - so I text him and like 5 seconds later he walks in and is looking at the board and then looks around and sees us waiting in the room...so he comes in and tells us that he is just the floater for the day but he'll make sure we get a good anesthesiologist...then comes back all dressed for surgery and says that our guy looked tired so he is taking it for him =) SO grateful that everything seemed to just kinda go into place and SO grateful that Chance was able to be there and make us feel more comfortable and whatnot!! So B goes in and then everything is done in like 45 minutes...and then he was good to go home after surgery...if he could stay awake they would have sent him home right away but it took FOREVER for that stuff to wear off...it was pretty funny, the nurse would come in and start talking to B and he would fall back asleep in the middle of the convo - the nurse would just look at me and I would smile - good times!!! So after a few hours we came home and Oz was there with the kids and everything went smooth. What a blessing that everything happened so quick and that there were no complications!!! B had his follow-up appointment today and everything looks great!!!

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