Friday, October 7, 2011

Looking for Brandon's Trail Cam

So B put a trail cam up and then the big fire happened over by big lake so we haven't been able to get over there and see if the cam was still there...but the other day we went to check it out and we surely didn't find it =( where he had put it was TOTALLY ya - no more trail cam...guess I know what to get him for Christmas huh!! =)
Q was being SUCH a fabulous big sister in the back with Chubba...she even held his bottle for was pretty cute. And yes, Tytan is drinking out of a pink bottle cuz the blue bottles were all dirty and we were in a rush =(

Q and Tytan took turns driving...Q tried to follow the line but she was ALL OVER THE ROAD!! Tytan was just excited to kick the steering wheel =)

Hiking up to look for the cam...are these kiddos just the cutest things ever or what!!! =)

At Big was pretty dang cold!

Tytan acutally wore shoes...his first time!! =) He tolerated them really well too =) He mostly wanted to play with them but he left them on for a lot longer then I thought he would =) SO CUTE!

LOVE these three!!!!!

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