Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Excellent" at Dance

So Q has been taking dance for a few months now and she used to go on Saturdays which was a wretched day to have dance I when she turned 3 I put her in the Wednesday class which seemed a little more advanced but I thought it would be ok...I was having doubts about it though and wondering if I should put her back in the Saturday class - well last week one of the owners was subbing her class and when it was over she came up to me and told me that Q was doing EXCELLENT!!! She was very impressed with how well Q paid attention and followed along!!! I was so happy and relieved at the same time. Hoorah for her doing a fabulous job and that this class wasn't too much for her!!! SHE IS AWESOME!!! Love her!!!!A few of Q's latest funnies....
The other day her and Tytan were in the tub and she started talking about when Tytan was in my tummy and then she paused and asked "how did he get in there" I just laughed and told her that he just did!! =) Figured we REALLY didn't need to have that discussion just yet!! =)

Then that same day I was reading her a book and I usually let her finish the the book read "Dig a hole, and fill it up" so I read "dig a hole" and Q said "fill me up" - I just had to laugh!!!!

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