Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ryan's Birthday Cruise!

So for Ryan's birthday Whitney took us all on a cruise...nope, not kidding! She surely did plan it all and we surprised Ryan and we all went on a cruise - it was AWESOME!!!! We headed to Cali and hit Huntington Beach, then surprised Ryan and went to Knottsberry Farm then got on the Ship and headed to Mexico - it was a totally amazing time!!!! =) Thanks Whit for making it all possible!!!! It was so fun to have all the family together for a week and to just hang out and having nothing else to do but have fun!!!! Can't wait to do it again!!! =)
These pics are from his actual birthday...the waitress put this funny bow on his head before we all sang to him - it was awesome!! At kids club - they painted Q's face like a bunny...she looked SO cute!!! She would usually freak out about going to kids club - but once she was there she LOVED it - and it helped that Brynli was there with her!!! Q loves her! (random pic out of order) =)At Huntington Beach right when we got to cali - it was SO dang cold!! We walked out in the water and the water was just going over our feet then a little bigger more forceful wave came up and knocked Q over...poor thing so we had to change her clothes - her and Carter were playing on these steps - too cute!!!
Knottsberry farm was having a firefighter/cop appreciation month so we got to get some discounted tickets and us and Oz and James got in free - awesome right! =) It was SO much fun! The kids a blast as well as all the adults!!! GOOD TIMES!!Q was so cute getting her pic taken with all the characters!This little snoopy ride was the first ride we came to and it looked innocent enough so we put Q on it and thought it would be fine and then it started...Look at all our faces - SO funny!! Q was so scared and the ride was totally wacky!!! I had to laugh!!!So cute!Q was too little to go by herself so she got to ride with Jayden...Aren't they too cute!!! When the ride started going - Q kinda got scared - it would whip them around a corner and you could see that Q was holding on to Jayden's leg for dear life - CUTE!!Good o'l Gpa going on a ride with Q =) Too cute!So Tytan was SO ready for a nap but with everything going on he was so not going to take my mom offered to push him around while we went on a couple of rides hoping that would conk him out...nope when I went to check on them he popped up and this is the fabulous face I got!!! =)Lunch time! =)We went to the Charli Brown show and Q surely did get to go up on stage - it was so cute!Sunday we got on the ship and the eating began =)The first night after dinner there was this little night club that had all kinds of kid stuff going on so we went in to check it out and it was so fun...they danced and played games and just had a blast! More eating! =)She is a DOLL!A little sun actionHow cute is he!Dancing on the stage before we head to the beach =)Tytan claimed this closet as his play area...he LOVED it!! Q looking adorable as usual!LOVE THEM!Whale watching...Q conked out on the ride over there and Gpa kept her asleep =)Back at the beach T was eating sand...yup - he loved to play in it and eat it!!!!B playing with he girls in the waterT was COVERED in sand!Parasailing...Loved it!B digging a hole to put the girls in! =) They were so excited!Gma Green and Whit helping the kids make sand stuffToo cute!Jordan and Jaycie oh so excited to head to the beach =)Family pics...Carter and Q playing golf =)Q enjoying her pizza!

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